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One day, while I was shopping in Robinsons, I saw a tarpaulin outside the mall advertising “KIM CHIU”. I knew I had to return to my signature KISS persona, known as The JapSpitz to get into the light again. And I knew I had to make a new vlog for YouTube that covers this event.

The days preceding this event were busy for me. Aside from many obligations, I took time to design my gifts for Kim Chiu and what will make her happy. I also knew that i had to make KISS bookmarks and posters for her. So I worked on them.

My inner Spitz is alert as on March 15, 2018, PBB Teen Edition 1’s Grand Winner will be here.


On March 15, I readied again my black coat, wig, and cap. This time,  I am dressed in all black (black polo, black tie, black shoes, black undershirt, black wig, and black cap) and was more terror than ever.

That day was like an ordinary day for all but for KimXi and KimErald fans in Capiz and Iloilo (I am not a loveteam fan but I am a neutral fan who behaves decently when artists come), it was another exciting day for them as Kim Chiu would perform in Robinsons Place Roxas.

The night before, I printed my gifts for Kim Chiu. They were posters and bookmarks. Below are the gifts.

A CD of Nox Arcana’s organ hits as well as my haunting gothic rendition of Weston Priory Monks’ “Come Creator Spirit” was also included. Another thing I printed was a Kim Chiu collage for her to sign. The staff and manager of OXORD knew of my dark nature and convinced me not to be too dark-natured. Below is the collage.

27655526_10156055251984754_5340815522253713600_n - Copy - Copy.jpg
The collage. Below is where Kim must sign.

Again, the all-black attire is “my KISS attire”. I had long been a fan of the band KISS and if I am in that band, my stage name would be JD JAMES and the character is the JAPSPITZ, which I chose due to my love for the dog breed of the same name (Japanese Spitz) and that my first and second dog breeds were of the said breed and also, my instruments in the band would be vocals, drums, guitar, piano, keyboards, synthesizers percussion, and talkbox. I had donned this attire four times: Maja Salvador, Andrea Brillantes, Ylona Garcia and currently, KIM CHIU. Having no work/class, I used the day as an opportunity to go to this show.

Although I used to fanboy back in my early days of college, I never did during third year as I realized the disadvantage of the act. I also adopted the principle that fanboys and fangirling is bad as the act constitutes “not knowing your limits”. Normal and decent fans act mature and professionally and when they meet their favorite celebrities, they would exchange courteous gestures and have decent conversations. That is what I do as a decent fan.

First, I stopped at a flower shop near the Capitol and purchased a rose for only P20. Then I drove off to the mall. Arriving, I dressed in my black polo shirt and coat then placed the wig and cap.  There

Also, aside from meeting old friends, I met new friends. Some of the new friends include one of KimXi Iloilo’s admins, Edmark Padernal, and three girls taking up BS Accountancy in Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion and one of their professors, a CPC alumnus who is also a CPA.

Oh and uh, I was also filming some segments of the show for my vlog, which I will give you later at the end.

As we waited, some of the fans checked out my autograph diary to see photos and signatures of celebrities I met. They seemed pleased though regarding my luck. I also revealed to them about my “sudden fame” when Jessy Mendiola came in 2014. I was mobbed many times by two schools, Saint Mary’s and St. John. It proved to be the best of that year.


Everyone seemed to be elated as Kim arrived. The Street Kings opened for us and then Kim came out singing “Yun Na You Nga”. The girls next to me were very uncontrollable and I told them not to be naughty too much as I almost lost my balance.

When Kim sang “Ipadarama”, she went offstage to meet the audience. I stretched my arm to shake her hand. The crowd went wild and when Kim threw a shirt to the fans, the girls on my right grabbed it but they fell and I had to help them up.

The host for the event came up after her last song. They did the “Taga Saan Ka” (Where Are You From) challenge wherein they did the budots dance. When Kim asked us the same question, I called out


That was then when all and everyone watching had the huge fun.


During the signing portion, the events staff told me to take out the rose from the gift as Kim was allergic to them. I told them to take the rose away. I met another set of friends here, a couple from Vancouver, Canada, whom I introduced myself to as hailing from Los Angeles but born and raised in Sultanate of Oman.

When it was my turn, I growled and hissed as I approached Kim while giving a murderous smile. We had a small conversation wherein Kim asked my name. I revealed myself as JD JAMES of the American rock band KISS. She was surprised about it.

KISS WWE poster US flag signatures
KISS polaroid that was handed to Kim. When she wanted to return it, I said, “Keep it, it’s yours”

I handed her a polaroid of the band and then pointed myself out there. We talked about the band and what I do wherein I revealed of that planned KISS ROCKS WWE show and the venue, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

The fans were also wondering who the creepy guy is and I never minded them. I just focused myself on Kim signing. When the time came for the photo, I wanted to give her a hug and although the events personnel allowed it but only a slight one, I decided not to so as not to frighten other fans; I had already given tight hugs to Andrea Brillantes and Ylona Garcia of ASAP BFF5 which scared their fans real good.

As soon as my turn was over, I told Kim that I shall be leaving for LA and will be staying there due to my commitment with KISS, to which she wished me luck and all the best for my new life in Cali and safe flight to LA. We shook hands and I left, still wearing the scary attire.

At the backstage area, I removed the wig and the trench coat, and stuffed them into my bag along with the Star Magic 2017 magazine, autograph diary (the collage was tucked in the book), and the album and I left. When I got to my car, I posted the photos on my public facebook page, twitter and instagram then drove for home.


Once I was about to go to bed, I was slammed by two former college classmates in St. John, for my dark appearance, namely Lovely Arca and April Boluso. The two berated me on the chat and blackmailed me to retire the KISS persona and choose either The Eagles, Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band, Green Day, or Coldplay as my band.

A former business mentor, whom I call as Ms. Sossy, questioned me regarding my dark nature during the show wherein I explained my justification. She said that I should be myself, to which I replied that I will always be myself just like my good counterpart, except for my evil counterpart for “his mind is controlled by the devil”. She even replied that I should not believe in having two counterparts as I am only myself.

Former Ignacian Marian Grizzle Arcenas questioned me via a chat on facebook about my signature dark attire and planned to tell Glynese Galve about it. I told her not to as I may not be able to wake up again.

When I uploaded the photos on twitter, there were more retweets that I could ever imagine. Some had to ask about that dark nature of mine.

Do you want to see the vlog covering my Kim Chiu meet? Here it is. And remember, don’t forget to give it a like, leave a comment and subscribe to my channel for more Celebrity Meetup Vlogs. Click the link to see the vlog (

It would take another month for me before I donned this attire for a celebrity who was even scared.